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Search Engine Optimisation

Having an online presents is extremely important these days, but just having a website isn't enough to truly succeed in the online world! You need a website which the big search engines such as Google and Bing want to rank at the top of the search results when someone searches for what your website is all about. Our search engine optimisation skills have been built on tests and actual sites over the years meaning we can offer you the seo services you need to rank higher and stay there!

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Website Analytics

At the start of every seo project we analyse your and your competitors sites in order to get a real feel for your niche, market and what your potential visitors will want from your site. This is highly important, because if you're note competing with your competitors, your visitors are likely to use them over you!

Keyword Research

Key word research is one of the most important parts to a successful seo campaign because if you don't pick the correct phrases potential customers are searching for, you wont get the converting traffic your site needs to complete goals - being sales, signups to your blog or whatever your sites end goal is.

Website Submissions

We have teamed up with to offer you the best prices possible on niche directory submissions to a world of directories which have been built and manually edited to target specific niches.

Key Link Building

Unlike so many other seo professionals, we only build links which we feel will help you now and in the future. Because simply building links 'left, right and centre' will do nothing for you in the future except maybe get you in trouble with the search algorithms, which none of us wants! With that in mind, all the links we build are looked deeply into and researched before we acquire them.

Press Releases

You may read from Google and other sites that press releases 'no longer work' but those type of statements are aimed at those not using them correctly! We in fact know that press release which are genuine do help with rankings, seo link building, social mentions and other types of publicity both on and off line. Please note: we only submit real press release to reputable news and release sites.

Future SEO Rankings

Search engine optimisation and link building etc isn't a one time task, its something that takes time and if done correctly can last you into the future! For this reason we will only do what's called 'white hat seo' for all our clients because we know this type of seo tactics work for the now and the future of your sites health unlike many 'black hat seo' tricks which Google doesn't like and will punish for!

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